Vlogust 2013 day 1

Giveaway- -Winners will be chosen August 9th. -five “ZOOM” Whitening Take-Residence Kits will be offered away. -Need to “friend” United Dental Group on Facebook www.faceb…

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13 Responses to “Vlogust 2013 day 1”

  1. victoriay7 says:

    why were they laughing?

  2. RAlexandra14 says:

    i didn’t like the host at all too! It was so boring and not good!

  3. Orchid1424 says:

    I thought she said dumb doctor instead of gum doctor!

  4. LaceAndLemons says:

    I have the zoom take home stuff and it works amazingly!

  5. SuperLucy2001 says:

    Om3 sounded like omg

  6. brexlovexo says:

    Now you look like a princess! I love you Nikki(:

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